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Cladding & Roofing

Traditional Metal Roofing

Standing seam

Traditional standing seam trays can be installed to roofs, façades and soffit areas and should be fixed to a fully supported deck using stainless steel cleats. The substrate may be a ventilated timber deck, Rigid PIR Insulation onto a plywood or concrete deck, Composite metal faced insulation board or in high humidity locations Cellular Glass insulation is required. The standing seam has a traditional appearance popular with both architects and specifiers.

The standing seam system can be fabricated in the following materials;

  •  Zinc
  • Copper, Brass and Bronze
  • Stainless Steel
  • Coated Steel
  • Coated Aluminium
Standing Seam

Batten roll

The batten roll is one of the most traditional roofing systems and is popular on ecclesiastical buildings as well as listed buildings and the like. It can offer a great alternative to lead, where theft continues to be an issue.

The capping can be supplied as either a loose or welted cap and is traditionally installed using Copper, Zinc or Stainless Steel, although other metals could be fabricated in this system.

We are also able to fabricate a round loose cap which gives an appearance likened to that of traditional timber roll leadwork when installed using weathered zinc or stainless steel.


Due to the highly skilled detailing requirements, it is recommended this system is installed by fully trained and competent installers only.

Servicing and Repair of Traditional Metal Roofing Machinery

Belfry’s servicing team is here to help maintain and service your traditional metal roofing machinery including profilers, arch benders and folders. Completing tasks from minor repairs through to the major servicing and overhaul of your machinery. Unless a profiling machine is well maintained, it will begin to produce inferior and inaccurate trays, this being the maincause of unnecessary oil canning and rippling on new sheets. Services we can offer include;

  • Full Service & Realignment
  • Problem Solving and Damage Repair
  • Spare parts and replacement

Our engineers have undergone Manufacturer training in Germany in conjunction with Schlebach, the leading machinery manufacturer in this field. We are also conversant with traditional metal profiling machines produced by other manufacturers, please contact us if you have an alternative machine which requires any of the aforementioned services.


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